Public hearing waste if no record is kept

Almost one-third of the residents presented their requests to the Ledyard Housing Authority at the December 2012 meeting, ranging from safety to professional misconduct.

Not only do the subsequent minutes not reflect that these issues were ever addressed, but some were omitted entirely. When residents inquired about this, they were told not everything has to be in the minutes.

A few have made inquiries within Ledyard's political arena as to the possible recourse we may have. What should be public information is not, but rather shrouded in mystery, and unlike Sherlock Holmes we have no clue.

None are happy about this apparent disregard for legitimate requests. Will someone with courage step forward, give us direction, answer our questions and help us to make some much needed changes?

We live in a country with checks and balances, accountability to somebody; the individual to the laws, the police to the police chief, legislatures to their constituents. The Ledyard Housing Authority, made up of a body of volunteers who seemingly appear from nowhere, ends up having absolute power and total control of senior housing.

We may be getting older, but we still matter.

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