The American Congress is no longer of, by and for the people

What ever happened to government of the people, by the people and for the people?

Perhaps if our senators and representatives would back away from the TV cameras they could hear what the people want and they would stop being so "self-serving." I am so disgusted.

Every time a bill comes up for a vote we are subjected to so much melodrama. The politicians should be actors. The bills are always written at the last possible minute and voted on the same way. No one ever has enough time to read them.

Elections are also very predictable. The person with the most money wins. However, that isn't true when budget cuts are made. The people with the least money lose.

Why are the poor, the children, elderly, police, firefighters and military always targeted?

When will cuts be aimed at Congress, their pay, their perks, their travel?

Whatever happened to government, period?

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