Writer sounded like food industry shill

The April 14 commentary, "Ignorance hinders food science advances," on the great benefits of biotechnology reflects the rhetoric of the chemical/agriculture industry, perhaps because of the author's employment in that field. GMO products have been surreptitiously introduced into the American diet to the point that 70-90 percent of all corn and soy products in our foods are GMO/GE. Most have no idea how pervasive this has become.

Perhaps these products produce no long-term side effects; but, because no long-term testing has been done (though preliminary testing suggests more tests are prudent) we have no assurance they are safe. As Mother Earth News reports in April-May 2013 issue, "the ag industry uses its patent power to maintain tight control over who researches what, and it dominates the research agenda at U.S. agriculture universities."

Prof. Kausch blames ignorance of this issue on the uneducated questioner. I ask who is denying public knowledge of the issue? Many nations ban and/or require labeling of GMO items, but U.S. citizens are not allowed to question or be given the choice to choose what we eat.

If you have questions, please join GMO Free CT at the Groton Public Library, 7 p.m. tonight, for a showing of Genetic Roulette, and get another view of the issue.

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