2013 Sox: So far, so good

So far, I'm wrong about the Boston Red Sox this season and I'm thrilled about it. 

After September 2011, a 69 win 2012 season and an offseason that did not excite most, the Red Sox have proved me and many others wrong 21 games in.  At 14-7, they are on top of the AL East and tied for the best record in the American League. 

The questions that I had about pretty much every facet of this team coming into the season have been answered, again, 21 games in.  The starting rotation, led by Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz has been dominant, the bullpen for the most part has been solid, and my big problem with the team, its line-up, has been good.  

Not so much the overall team average but the timely hitting with runners in scoring position and, above all, the patience at the plate is a complete turnaround from last year.  There's been way more good than bad so far and after what seems like a decade of getting off to a bad start, I would say the month of April has been a success. 

I know it's only 21 games in.  I promise I'm not going to the extreme of deeming them World Series champions. 

But so far, so good.

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