Alaska stands strong for 2nd Amend. rights

Contrasting views on gun laws. It is interesting to note that when your Connecticut state legislators were busy enacting possibly ineffective gun control laws based upon high emotion, our lawmakers up here in Alaska were putting forth proposals in an effort to strengthen and hold on to the powerful Second Amendment.

Alaska's House Bill 69 sponsored by Rep. Mike Chenault of Nikiski proposed to arrest federal agents who try to enforce new federal gun laws in this state. The bill has since been changed somewhat with a rewrite that forbids agencies such as the Alaska state troopers from offering any resources to enforce new gun laws. The amendments to this bill have also added some wording designed to prevent federal infringement on due process.

The attitude towards firearms up here sharply contrasts with Connecticut. Without government training and permission from this state or law enforcement agencies, anyone, except felons and those who have been deemed mentally unstable, can carry a concealed weapon on their person. High cap magazines are seen by most as a necessity for life safety up here and since the late 1800s Alaskans have been toting Connecticut manufactured Winchester's lever-action rifles for that reason.

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