Mayor Galbraith willing to get her hands dirty

My friend and fellow educator, Marian Galbraith, is running for re-election as mayor of the City of Groton. Marian is an intelligent, hard-working and enthusiastic leader with a tremendous sense of curiosity and drive. In her first weeks in office, she took the time to explore the various jobs that city employees do and as one example, she spent time working with the city sanitation department. How many local mayors have you actually seen loading garbage into a truck?

As a teacher she brought creativity, diligence and a zest for learning into the classroom and she has brought these great attributes with her into the office of mayor. Above all, Marian is conscientious and honest and has always done what she believes is best - for her students in the classroom - and for the citizens of the City of Groton.

I have always been honored to call Marian Galbraith a friend and I will be even more proud to continue to call her Mayor Galbraith. Join me in voting for Marian Galbraith as mayor of the City of Groton on Election Day.

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