Norwich holds auction on tax delinquent properties

Norwich — The city sold four vacant lots Friday during a tax auction and could become the owner of 11 more properties if taxes are not paid within the next six months.

The city held the auction for 16 small properties with back taxes owed in lieu of going through a full foreclosure process. Tax Collector Cathy Daley said while the tax auction process is tedious — with a six-month waiting period to allow the owner more time to pay and redeem the properties — it is less costly than foreclosure.

The four vacant lots at 11 Thames Terrace, 95 Forest St., 8 Albert St., and 229 W. Thames St. sold for a combined total of $20,531.

The city put in bids equal to the taxes owed on 11 other properties, two of which have buildings, 130 Prospect St. and 34 Lake St.

There were no bidders for a vacant lot on Beebe Road with $2,737 in taxes owed. Daley said the city did not bid on it.


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