Senate GMO label victory for democracy

The article, "Bill requiring labeling of genetically modified foods approved by Senate," (May 21), on the rally for GMO labeling in Hartford missed a few sharp points.

First off, there were more 500 in attendance, that is up 380 since the first rally last year.

Secondly, the rally reflected the first time the Senate became involved in the labeling issue, the passionate speech by Sen. Don Williams regarding our environment, and our health was a record breaker in that there is a Senate bill that will supersede the House Bill HB 6519, being stonewalled by House Speaker Brendan Sharkey from Hamden, who refuses to heed the call of the House majority- 64 out of 90- to place HB6519 on the agenda for a vote.

The total support of our Senate is a setback for the opposition who wish to hide the GMO foods in our system, because they are frightened of the outcome of telling the truth.

This is a great blow for democratic freedom, and our right to choose the food we eat.

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