Is Wednesday the new Saturday?

A restaurant owner recently told me that Wednesdays have become one of his busiest nights. His theory, which I found interesting, was that people were opting to spend time with their families on weekends and instead were going out midweek. I hadn't thought too much about it, but we usually do stay in on Saturday night and often go out to dinner on Wednesday or Thursday. Family time is one reason. But you can also find good deals during the week, it's rare that you have to wait to get a table and it's a nice way to break up the workweek.

(One theory I found online was the best day to eat out is Tuesday because that's when restaurants get food delivered, but I can't imagine that food is delivered to every restaurant only on Tuesdays. I checked with my brother, who manages a restaurant, and their big delivery day is Monday.)

How about you? What night do you most often go out to dinner on?

(Whenever you go, check out our restaurant page for some recommendations.)

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