Monsanto faces more suits

Monsanto Co., the world's largest seed company, was sued by an environmental group and a Washington farm over claims it failed to take steps to prevent genetically altered wheat from contaminating regular wheat.

Thursday's complaint by the Center for Food Safety filed in federal court in Spokane, Wash., follow a June 3 lawsuit in Kansas brought after wheat modified to withstand St. Louis- based Monsanto's Roundup Ready weed killer was discovered on a farm in Oregon last month.

Monsanto field-tested the modified wheat in 16 states, including Washington, from 1998 to 2005, dropped the project and never sought U.S. approval to market the wheat for planting, according to the Washington complaint. In May, the U.S. government announced that an unauthorized Roundup Ready genetically engineered trait had been detected in wheat from an Oregon farm.

"Due to Monsanto's wrongful conduct, soft white wheat destined for export markets for use in food products has been rejected for the purposes for which it was intended," the Center for Food Safety said in its complaint.

- Bloomberg News


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