The Day is hypocritical in its stand on on mixed martial arts

I am disappointed in your editorial, "Veto state MMA bill," (June 10), pushing Gov. Malloy to veto the bill legalizing and sanctioning mixed martial arts in Connecticut.

If you wish to oppose legalization, fine. However, when you try to argue that boxing (while violent) is OK, that's when you are perceived as a hypocrite. If you do not support combat sports, then do not support any such sports in the state. Otherwise, why draw the line at mixed martial arts?

Boxing is so much safer, according to your editorial? Over the weekend (June 17), a 30-year-old female boxer in Sweden, Frida Wallberg, was hospitalized and is in intensive care. Her fight lasted eight rounds and continued on after a standing eight count. Only shortly after, when she was knocked down, did the referee stop the fight.

So, let's not act like boxing is saintly and acceptable for the masses while MMA is uniquely the bane of American culture. If you care for the safety of athletes, legalization and sanctioning is imperative.

Forty-eight states legalized professional MMA and 47 states regulate it. The Connecticut legislature overwhelmingly voted to legalize the sport and Malloy would be doing the state a disservice by choosing to veto the bill.

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