Rep. Hewett to celebrate name change for part of Colman Street

New London - Expecting the governor's signature on a bill he requested in the recent legislative session, state Rep. Ernest Hewett, D-New London, is sending out invitations for an honorary dedication ceremony for "Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard."

The act, passed by the General Assembly, would give the one-way portion of Colman Street, from Jefferson Avenue to Bank Street, a new designation in honor of Dr. King.

The honorary dedication is scheduled for 2 p.m. on July 28 at the Science and Technology Magnet High School.

Hewett said Friday he has been working to get a portion of Colman Street renamed since last year.

"I entered the bill, but I wasn't thinking at the time that we do legislative sessions on bienniums and on the first year, you can introduce any kind of bill and on the second year, it has to do with money, and adjustments to the budget, so we had to wait until this year," Hewett said.

At first, he said, he aimed to rename the entire length of Colman Street, but he realized that the two-way commercial area is already dedicated to a war veteran.

"I've seen it in other towns and other cities and I've always wanted to do it in New London," Hewett said. "I didn't know how to go about getting it done and I thought about doing a city street, but then I thought about doing a state highway - which is Colman Street."

An invitation has been extended to Malloy to attend the July 28 ceremony.

Those wishing to attend are asked to respond by July 14 to


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