Polka, kin, & factories, those were the days

This letter is a response to a June 21 letter, "Choice of state songs a Conn. embarrassment." Negative reaction to the judgment and concept of a State Polka, by a purported "professional composer," is an example of snobbism to the highest degree.

Polka music is happy, toe-tapping music composed by legally documented Polish immigrants and their descendants. I might add, with the help of some Ukrainians. Many, who were proud blue-collar workers, made their living, toiling with dignity, in factories and mills of Connecticut.

The creator of Ocean Beach Polkabration, wrote the lyrics, "Who's going to dance the polka when we're old and gray?" Connecticut was the Polka Capital of The World and no longer is because those of us who evolved with good polka music will soon be gone along with the many factories and mills. Apparently, we're being replaced with undocumented immigrants.

Girls marry girls, moms have left the kitchens, schools feed their kids, grant money is used to buy and cook the food, while gardens are growing weeds.

Ah heck, I'm going polka dancing; twirl to the left (nahlevo) - twirl to the right (nahprahvo) - beats pulling weeds, where no veggies grow - "hey hey!"

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