Taxes keeping people from moving to NL

This is in response to "Region lags behind state in home sales, prices and NL's deja vote," (July 3).

Respectfully, I found it ironic that The Day would print an editorial that took issue with the pending budget referendum and which stated the opinion that the .09 mill rate is not excessive on the same day as the front page article that stated New London County home sale prices fell 7.5 percent while the rest of Connecticut's real estate rose 8 percent.

I find the news that New London County's real estate is now 15.5 percent below the rest of the state quite disturbing. It's obvious that taxes are already so high in New London that people and businesses don't want to relocate here.

So, while a .09 rise in the mill rate may not seem excessive in a growing economy, I believe it is in a city where taxes are already so high people and business don't want to invest. Home prices are reaching new rock-bottom lows and continuing to raise taxes will further discourage people and businesses from moving to New London. Let's let the taxpayers themselves determine whether or not the .09 mill rate is excessive.

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