Politicians immune from sequestration

Isn't it amazing how quickly the government furloughs were initiated. Those affected will lose 20 percent of their pay to save millions, but did anyone stop to consider the effect it would have on the selected government employee's budgets and quality of life?

The private sector doesn't seem to care about the reductions, saying, "At least you have a job."

Don't they realize that with less money earned there will be less pumped into the local economies? People will not buy cars, homes, appliances or clothes, will eat at home and cancel vacations.

Meanwhile, things are as usual in Washington. The president is traveling around the world, vacationing in the most expensive areas he can find, Congress is giving more and more money to other countries, both parties are intent on solving other countries' problems and no one is working on job issues, the budget or the economy.

Due to their ineffectiveness people in the United States are homeless and starving. Next time you vote take a minute and weigh what the candidate you are considering has done for our country.

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