The math is simple, furloughs don't add up to real savings

Furloughs have started for federal workers at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton. While this furlough policy will have a minimal effect on my family, there are tens of thousands in the region and throughout the country who will suffer. Not to mention the safety and security of Americans due to decreases in security and the cancellation of critical forces deployed throughout the world.

This furlough policy does not make sense from a fiscal standpoint. The government will spend more adjudicating grievances and appeals from employees than they would in the pay they are mitigating. Many of the services provided here at the submarine base will be contracted out at a higher cost during the time employees are away from work.

My particular branch provides crane, rigging and transportation services to the submarines at the base. We will not be providing these services on Fridays for the next 11 weeks. Electric Boat and Portsmouth Naval shipyard continue to work through the furlough period; there will be times where the services that my branch provides at a modest cost will be contracted out at higher cost. This makes no sense to me as a taxpayer. Show your disdain at the polls.

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