Liberal compassion? Cruelty is more like it

Most liberals are compassionate in their minds but not in their hearts. Conservatives generally are conservative in their minds and compassionate in their hearts.

Conservatives compassionately stand against the barbaric and brutal late-term abortion procedure while many liberals happily filibuster and support it.

Many liberals, in the name of "separation of church and state" block government tax dollar funding for faith-based religious rehab programs that statistically work pretty well.

At the same time, most liberals are hypocritically silent when a conservative is forced to have separation of church and state rights violated when their tax dollars are spent on abortion-supporting groups without their consent.

So why do so many liberals feel no compassion for the horrific pain of a needle injected into an innocent baby's neck? Preventing the joy of seeing a mommy or daddy off drugs and returning as a family - only because of anti-religious reasons - is cold, cruel and heartless.

Actions say it all; liberals are compassionate in their minds and blindly dark in their hearts.

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