Doesn't share Formica vision for East Lyme

Due to the improving economy, Gateway Commons is ready to go through with the first phase of development next to the highway. There will be 275 rental units, multilevel, multifamily housing, but not owner occupied as was sold to the town.

I'm trying to picture it, and think the "Gateway" to East Lyme will look a lot like some of the "gateways" that have spoiled the first impressions of many coastal towns that used to have charm, character and a reasonably successful taxbase.

Thank goodness it will be jammed up to the highway because according to First Selectman Paul Formica there may be room to build an adjacent "large wholesale retailer" (aka lovely big-box store) that will magically fit in without major zoning variances, and Mr. Formica failed to mention anything about the enormous parking lot this store would need.

I'm beginning to doubt Mr. Formica's sensibilities, climate change-denying aside. But who doesn't love the Dr. Seuss inspired parking lot at Flanders Four-corners? Where the second much needed CVS was built atop the ruins of the first "New" McDonald's? And Amtrak to the rescue with a third boardwalk? I can't wait to see what is cooked up for the highway exits.

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