Haberek's great job explains smear tactics

There has been a smear campaign waged against Stonington First Selectman Ed Haberek ever since he defeated Bill Brown. Rob Simmons' remarks at Glee McAnanly's campaign announcement last week are just more of the same. Those leading the smear effort cite some allegations from sensationalized newspaper articles as proven fact. They then follow it up with some slight-of-hand and hope some folks will believe the nickle was really stuck in their ear.

Ed's failed at business development? Really? He's brought more business to town than anyone else in recent years.

So why the palace intrigue? Because Ed Haberek can't be controlled by people who want to run Stonington from behind the curtain, without having to actually get elected. Ed Haberek is the strongest first selectman since Spellman and some folks don't like it.

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