Why this Democrat will run on New London's Republican council slate

I could understand the decision of the Democratic Town Committee not to endorse me if the slate was filled with more qualified candidates, but that is not the case. I believe I am the best candidate.

The Democratic Town Committee, under the unofficial leadership of the Democratic mayor, sought to fill the City Council election slate with ardent, blind supporters of the mayor and his agenda.

To function successfully, our current system of government depends on the council serving as a check on the mayor's power. Without council members who vote their conscience for the good of New London, the city is destined for continued failure. As a councilor I cast my votes for the best interests of the taxpayers and the community. No party leader or mayor or executive committee will bully me to stray from working hard for the people of New London. This attitude resulted in the DTC decision not to endorse me.

As much as I am distraught over the abandonment by the DTC, I was honored and humbled to receive the unanimous endorsement of the Republican caucus. I see the Republican slate as diverse, including myself, a Democrat, joining independents and Republicans. We need to be committed to taking New London on a prosperous path to economic growth and development, absent partisan political agendas.

Believe with me.

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