Cloth diapers save money, resources and sanity

After reading "Yale study: Moms who can't afford diapers are more likely to be depressed," (July 29,) I can't help but wonder why the old fashioned cloth diapers that can be washed and reused are no longer used!

I was told they cannot be purchased, and that is not true. I know this by researching the availability of cloth diapers on the Internet. A one-time purchase of a couple dozen washable diapers would go a long way to alleviate many problems, both monetary, and overcrowding of land fills, with plastic covered paper diapers. I had four children of my own, and 49 foster babies, over a 20-year period, and never used disposable diapers. It is not just mothers on a limited income, but all mothers who should think of this more environmentally responsible idea. An occasional paper diaper, while traveling, or not having access to laundry facilities, is fine. But let's help our environment, and in the process, help our budget, by using cloth. Just think of the hundreds of saved dollars per family.

The diapers I purchased for my first child were used for most all the babies I handled, and, a couple still exist in my "dust cloth" bag. So they never went to waste. Stop being depressed, and start helping to save our world.

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