Bodenwein would be proud of coverage

Theodore Bodenwein, who established The Day trust, would be pleased with his old newspaper as "a champion and protector of the public interest and defender of peoples rights," especially with the good news on the front page, "State money inspires UConn president to dream big," (Aug. 18), about the $1.6 billion of state money that inspires our University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst to wisely administer the spending of "Next Generation Education Funds" to solve our most pressing problems.

Our local towns need good news in these troubled times especially for the need for increased proper law enforcement, morality and less disorder.

In this area many readers are pleased with the initiative of Katelin Teel who will run on the Republican ticket as an unaffiliated candidate for New London City Council and seek more transparency and accountability in the accounting areas: "Teel will stand up for people of NL."

The other most refreshing news on the Perspective and Opinion sections last weekend was the report about New London Police Department officers Anthony Nolan and Max Bertsch, who prove they can make a difference in many school children lives, "New London resource officers: What a difference a cop can make."

The victory the City Council and police department have had in retaining their police officers and dogs and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's visit advocating for surveillance cameras to prevent crime have been good news for New London.

Good job Day!

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