NL facing critical choice in 2013 election

This fall, New London is faced with an important decision: stay the course with our current elected officials or move in a direction towards common sense government. For the last two years, the city has suffered in confusion trying to define the roles of mayor and council. In the process, both sides seem to have lost their way.

The current fiscal times demand tough questions and even tougher decisions by elected officials. Raising taxes and continuing to do things the way the city always has will not work. New London cannot continue to ask the same people who already pay taxes to continue to pay more taxes. We cannot and should not come up with new ways to tax. Based on the percentage of residents who recently voted against the 2013-2014 budget, the budget process is flawed and the majority is sick of seeing taxation as the only fiscal solution.

Overall, the city needs council members who know how to best utilize the trust and funds given to the city by its residents and businesses.

I stand ready to serve my fellow community members and offer my experience to all of New London so that we can work to fix our fiscal problems and move forward. We are a community of many diversified people, who, when we work together, can accomplish anything.

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