Stopping Flanders Road plan would be mistake

Perhaps those opposed to bonding the sewer and water improvements to Flanders Road should think twice about using the "field of dreams" argument alongside the charge the project will simply "enrich private landowners." Which is it? Either the industrial zone will fail (we build it and they will not come), or it will succeed and land values will increase? One cannot have it both ways. And by trying to, opponents reveal themselves as opposed to any development whatsoever.

Such negativity dooms Groton to wither economically as its industrial tax base shrinks and affluent residents either leave or sue to have taxes lowered as property values decline. Groton has a history of attracting major taxpaying businesses. It has the most resourceful and proactive economic development team in the region. Success stories include the industrial district at the airport and hotel and other businesses on Route 117. Years ago Gorton expanded utilities, essential to businesses, and they did come.

The Flanders Road project has been thoroughly researched. If the value of private land along Flanders Road increases, that means more town tax revenue. Spending bonding funds to improve our infrastructure is necessary to expand the tax base, maintain future funding for schools and other local services, and ensure our quality of life.

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