Desperate Assad could turn on his people

By now our president knows what the Russians are prepared to do in response to any punitive strike against Syria. And we know what the Israelis are prepared to do as they have stated them to the entire world. What is not known is what the short term/long term reaction would be to an aggressive SWAT Team like response conducted by the U.S. military to this hostage situation. Make no mistake, the Syrian civilians are the hostages here and are being executed with impunity while Congress debates.

The Syrian government knows full well that it cannot survive a war on two fronts, much less an unprovoked attack on Israel. As a desperate act of survival, the Syrian government may well threaten all of its remaining hostages - "their terrorist citizens"- with whatever means that remain at its disposal. As such it is quite logical to assume that the bulk of all of the Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons have already been disbursed for deployment and may well in fact fall into the hands of both rouge officers and the neo-megalomaniacs either in search of power, revenge and or some other psychotic predilection.

Even though the U.S. has the "moral authority" to conduct such an attack, is it wise to do so when the moral authority of such an attack is in fact trumped by the almost certain loss of more innocent lives under the Syrian government's propaganda guise of "invasion?"

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