Garbini would improve NL Board of Education

I am a lifelong New Londoner, and former New London employee, who is deeply committed to the success of the New London Public Schools. I want the best possible people to serve on our Board of Education to get our kids the support they need and deserve.

I had the opportunity to work with Scott S. Garbini at the Thames Academy at Mitchell College for several years. There I saw just how passionate and committed to education he is. He understands how important an education is no matter what you do later on in life; whether you're a doctor, teacher, business owner, or laborer. Basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills are needed for everyone's daily lives. He is an advocate for all children regardless of their abilities or backgrounds and will fight for the equal treatment of all students. His professional and educational experiences give him the skill that will add tremendous value to the board.

Knowing Scott for many years, it's refreshing to me he is running. He's not interested in politics; he's in it for the kids. I feel his integrity and determination will help make our children's school years productive, successful and memorable. He has my vote; I hope he will have your votes too!

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