Adam & Eve needed a Sharon and a Steve

In response to letter: "Woe to a country that ignores scripture," (July 29). There's a fundamental problem with the writer's statement: "Our forefathers being thoroughly versed in the Holy Scriptures and therefore the Constitution of the United States was intently based on those guidelines."

The "forefathers" must have known about the unholy, inescapable, unhealthy incest necessary for Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. In the book of Genesis, only Adam, Eve and their son Cain were available to populate the Earth; an unequivocal, unavoidable sinful situation indeed. Basic biology explains the need for a minimum of two couples in the Garden to avoid this grotesque sin. There weren't enough branches on the biblical "first family's" tree.

We cannot fully know the minds of the "forefathers," but being well versed, they must have known that the Earth, if populated as presented in the Bible, was negatively impacting the population. Could it or did it impact the Constitution or the world we know today?

I accept the Bible, but with its flaws. I refuse to ignore them. The Bible clearly spells out populating the Earth, but it clearly portrays it in a sinful, incestuous manner.

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