Natusch would be asset to City Council

In our city, where there have been recent voices of negativity and false cries of a town in crisis, there is also a new optimism growing. Laura Natusch exemplifies this optimism.

Laura is not attached to the old attitudes that have failed in the past. She is passionate about New London and sees its great potential. She believes the council can have integrity while working in harmony with the mayor and his administration for the best interests of all New Londoners. Laura attends City Council meetings and understands how the council is supposed to work.

As a small business owner, she knows the importance of an honest and responsible budget. As a resident and homeowner, she believes, as we all do, that good schools are essential for our growth, and that we must hire and retain the finest police force.

Laura Natusch would bring to the council new ideas, a forward looking vision of what New London can achieve, and the intelligence, integrity and commitment to make it happen.

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