Colorado had right idea on recall vote

Considering the recall vote in Colorado, what a shame that Connecticut doesn't have a recall procedure.

Those legislators that let emotion influence their decision to prevent law abiding Connecticut residents from owning and using certain firearms should not be representing us.

Little is heard of the result of the Centers for Disease Control investigation directed by President Obama that concluded that none of the newly enacted laws in Connecticut or proposed at the federal level has any significant effect on gun crime.

The result is that only the law-abiding are punished with new forms that create a database of who owns weapons and what kind.

Notice that since the new laws were instituted that there is almost a daily shooting in New Haven, Bridgeport or Hartford. How can this be in light of the new laws? Are you not suppose to ask questions like that?

Some legislators do not trust anyone with a means to defend themselves. We have to be dependent on government to protect us.

We need to remember the names of those legislators that voted to reduce our freedom and security and at the next election ensure that they join the unemployment line.

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