Finizio's statements offensive and unfair

I've worked as a carpenter my entire career, since 1975. I was very disappointed with New London Mayor Finizio's Sept. 8 commentary, "Why union labor is better," and more importantly with his decision to give union companies an advantage over non-union companies in bidding.

His argument is that union companies, and union carpenters, make better products than non-union companies and non-union carpenters. That is offensive and untrue.

I've always worked non-union, now serving as a foreman. With union members, the emphasis is generally on what the company can do for them (not all, but many, especially long-time members). The non-union employee is generally more focused on what he/she can do for the company.

The mayor has no experience in the field to back up his statement, he just said it.

I understand he is a Democrat and, honestly, union votes are important to Democrats. I would actually not be upset if that was Finizio's reason; that's how politics works. But instead, he wrote his commentary criticizing non-union employees and saying they produce an inferior product. That is just rude.

He owes non-union workers an apology. I would love the mayor to come to one of our jobs and see the work us allegedly inferior non-union workers do; then go to a union job site. I think the difference will be drastic.

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