Montville should have fought state harder

I am appalled that my fellow Montville town councilors see nothing to be alarmed about with the state reneging on its agreement with the town by releasing dangerous sex offenders into our community instead of their community of origin.

When I requested a special meeting to discuss our legal options and answer to the public, Councilor Candy Buebendorf and company declined. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it was Beubendorf, Billy Caron and Joe Jaskiewicz who pushed for this MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the state instead of continuing our legal fight to keep the facility out of Montville, even going as far as undermining our efforts by publicly claiming we were wasting taxpayer money on a fight we couldn't win.

The results of our agreeing to this bogus MOU has now put our neighbors in Norwich and New London at risk as well as our own residents. One can now only wonder if we had held on a little longer in our legal fight, could we have prevailed. I guess we'll never know.

One thing is for sure - don't trust the state.


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