New London City Council candidate wants to 'be your voice'

On Nov. 5, I am asking New London voters to re-elect me to the City Council. I have represented the people of New London to my best ability and have always voted in the best interests of the community as a whole, no matter the issue or political pressure, and as a result I was abandoned by my party.

I am a Democrat offered a position on the Republican slate, I have proven I will reach across party lines to do the right thing. I do the research necessary and get the facts so that I can make an informed decision. On one issue I spoke to numerous people, experts and state employees for weeks prior to my vote. The information is out there if one is willing to put the time in to get it. I have proven that I will not be bullied or pressured to go along with an issue if it is not what is best for all of New London. I understand the difficulties in raising a family in today's tough economic times. I am asking for you to vote for me to continue to be your voice.

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