Defunding nuke law was OK with Dems

I'd like to response to the letter to the editor, "ACA is now the law," (Oct. 13).

When not offering up insults to Sen. Ted Cruz, the letter writer points out the ACA is law and not up for debate, asserting that to defund it is ridiculous.

I'd like to draw a parallel to a less sexy law that hits closer to home. In 1987, Congress passed a law that created the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage facility. The purpose was to store the used nuclear rods, such as currently found at Millstone, in a secure area.

In 2010, our government, in which both houses of Congress and the presidency were controlled by Democrats, rather than work to repeal the law, simply defunded it. The General Accounting Office stated that the closure was for political, not technical or safety reasons.

I wonder how she can reconcile the two events, or if she even cares to try?

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