Stick with incumbent in Griswold election

I am supporting First Selectman Phil Anthony, Nov. 5. My support for Phil is not only based on his six years of solid achievements for both Griswold and Jewett City but equally important to me is the fact that put simply he knows what he is doing. Extensive state, federal and municipal experience, well educated, open and honest with 37 years of business background. Not one of Anthony's opponents possess that whole package. Sadly, not even close. Instead his opponents hope to fool our voters by concentrating on false allegations and lies against Phil assuming we are stupid. We are not!

Phil Anthony's commitment to Griswold and our residents has never wavered through record floods, hurricanes, blizzards, tragedies. Phil is always there in the thick of it protecting our people and our properties. Be it FEMA funds, knowing who to contact with CL&P or AT&T as well as state and federal authorities, it all comes down to knowledge and experience. Anthony is the only candidate who offers this and more to Griswold.

Please vote wisely Nov. 5. Vote Phil Anthony for First Selectman.

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