Time for change in Bozrah clerk position

Lynne Skinner, Bozrah's town clerk, has asked for a 20-hour per week assistant. This added person would require worker's compensation, federal and state withholding, matching social security and compensation. Skinner has missed work regularly during the last five years. From 2008 thru 2012 she averaged 29 missing days in addition to paid holidays and vacation. Just to the end of September 2013 she has missed 16 days.

If Ms. Skinner would attend to business on a regular basis, as the taxpayers are entitled, she could complete her work. Anna Mair, a past town clerk was also tax collector during the heyday of construction and home sales. She needed no assistant.

Bozrah needs Bev Onsager, a town clerk with credibility and a work ethic. Vote Bev for Bozrah.

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