Collins mischaracterized Passero museum quotes

My brother, New London Council President Michael Passero, will not respond to David Collins baseless attack Oct. 25, so I will.

Listen to Michael's remarks at Collins obviously wrote his attack without knowing what Michael actually said. I wonder if he will be man enough to apologize and correct the record.

Michael did not "question the design" of the Coast Guard Museum building; he praised the design and suggested it could become a signature landmark, similar to the Sydney Opera House. If Collins had bothered to get the truth, however, he couldn't have written his gratuitous remark about Michael being a firefighter, which Collins apparently looks down his nose at.

Michael did not express worry about the number of people brought into the city, he questioned the concentration in one small area. If you listen, he doesn't "denigrate" the project, he praises it and pledges his support.

My brother is among the "First 100" who donated $1,000 apiece to raise the first $100,000 for the project. Has David Collins put his money where his pen is?

There is one truth in Collins' column: if you are looking for a yes man, as Collins' clearly is, then don't vote for my brother.

However, if you are looking for a man of integrity who asks thoughtful questions, conducts research, and consults experts and constituents before coming to a decision, then Michael Passero is your man.

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