Bresnyan has skills for town clerk tasks

In Groton, the performance bar for a town clerk is high. For decades we were served by very capable and non-political clerks. We were proud to support Sally Sawyer, a Republican, and Barbara Tarbox, a Democrat. We miss them both.

Because competence and non-political service are critical in a public official that serves so many, we strongly support Nicki Bresnyan for town clerk.

Groton citizens deserve a town clerk who:

1. Can pass the Connecticut Municipal Town Clerk Certification test.

2. Can accurately draft referendum explanatory texts for the elections, as required of any town clerk. The cost for attorneys and other staff to correct errors is exorbitant and inexcusable.

3. Is proficient in the rules and procedures of the RTM and does not engage in politics, stoking controversy.

4. Does not pressure unaffiliated voters seeking positions on boards and commissions to re-register with her party, saying appointment would be "quicker" by doing so.

5. Is familiar with election regulations and able to assist citizens who have requested information regarding running for office.

Groton voters have an opportunity to restore the high standards of impeccable competence and integrity by electing Nicki Bresnyan. Groton deserves better. Vote for Nicki Bresnyan.

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