Good NL football, bad sportsmanship

Having read a few letters regarding the intensity of the New London Youth Football team, I wanted to share my thoughts after having just watched them play against our team from Montville.

The New London team seems to be a talented, well coached group of young men who play very competitively, and they thoroughly beat our squad, 42-0 I believe.

It was a rough game and there were a few injuries, which will happen in a contact sport. I didn't have a problem with the New London Youth Team at all.

I did have a problem, however, with the four New London High School football players in "team" sweat suits, and their friends, taunting an injured Montville player with "welcome to New London ... that's how we play" and other immature, tasteless taunts, directed to a young man who ended up getting carried away in an ambulance.

New London should be proud of their youth football program, but the older kids should work on their sportsmanship skills and be better role models for younger players.

If the mayor ever questions why New London gets a bad reputation, he can look to incidents like this as a starting point.

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