Flanders Road bonding is just not worth it

On Nov. 5, you will be given a chance to vote on a referendum item that will affect your wallet. Ask yourself, do I want to pay more taxes? Please go to the polls and vote against the ordinance promoting the sewer and water extension up Flanders Road.

The taxpayers are being asked to approve over $16 million in bonding to pay for the first and second phases of this highly questionable venture. The cost-benefit ratio is hard to justify. A 20-year payback would require millions of dollars of additional assessed real estate taxes. This would be equivalent to a Groton Shoppers Mart and a Mystic Marriott combined. What are the chances of this happening on a small rural road?

Why not a continued expansion of sewer and water up Route 117? But not at the taxpayer's expense. There are three parcels for sale by Connecticut Commercial Realty in that immediate vicinity. Why not encourage businesses to locate there? It is easily accessed from Interstate 95 in both directions. Why not encourage business development in the City of Groton?

Please take a few minutes Nov. 5 and vote for common sense and fiscal responsibility. Vote against the extension of sewer and water on Flanders Road.

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