Vote Testa for needed change in N. Stonington

North Stonington will vote on Nov. 5 and I believe it is time to pass the torch. I have attended many selectmen meetings and sometimes questions on important issues have been answered with, "no comment." So ends hope for open and transparent government. I have witnessed a vote on a petition basically ignored. Buildings that once housed businesses remain empty and businesses have moved out of town. My taxes have gone up while services have gone down, such as landfill hours. It has been said that we practice Result Based Accountability. If we practice it , then why not support it? Big-time politics in our small town, simply unacceptable.

First Selectman candidate Bob Testa has done an excellent job on the school board and proven he is not afraid to right a wrong. He is honest, straight forward, trustworthy.

Selectman candidate Tim Pelland has been involved in our town and understands how important it is to move forward and not fall behind while other towns prosper.

I believe they can restore trust and integrity to our town, along with accountability, being open and transparent, while respecting the peoples' vote. I urge you to vote for Bob Testa and Tim Pelland Nov. 5.

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