Post-election column was vicious and one-sided

I found the David Collins column Nov. 6, "No Fixing in North Stonington," staggeringly vicious and one-sided.

This "opinion" was based on one person, First Selectman Nicholas Mullane, an experienced candidate politicking for office. Opinion piece? Why not just say Mullane mouthpiece?

The column reported on how popular Mr. Mullane is by the number of well-wishers who stopped by. Rather a self-selecting population, don't you think? I doubt Bob Testa's many well-wishers stopped by to talk with the man they believe is destroying their town.

If Mr. Testa saying all politicians, including himself, have a shelf life is the ugliest comment you have ever read politically, you have an amazingly sheltered and thin-skinned life. Mr. Testa was speaking about term limits.

Mr. Collins's "short time spent outside the voting station" is not much of an investigation into North Stonington. There are at least 702 people who disagree with his opinion of "rock star" Mullane.

After this promotional tour for Mr. Mullane, the column said the first selectman probably knew when the oil was changed in each town truck. Probably. Does that makes him a good leader? I wonder if he knows the names of the townspeople struggling, and failing, to pay Mr. Mullane's high taxes?

There is no shelf life on Mr. Mullane's political skills. They obviously worked on Mr. Collins.

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