Close schools used as polling places

On Election Day in New London we learned a little about polling places. Nathan Hale School cannot be open and accommodate the voting public. There is just not enough room for staff and voters to park and consequently I saw disgruntled voters drive away. Maybe they came back and maybe they didn't, but voting was made difficult.

Also, after the Newtown tragedy schools everywhere have tightened security measures with staff, cameras, security doors and other forms of security, keeping our kids safe and strangers out. What sense does it make to have all our kids in school, open the doors and invite 2,800 strangers into the building and on the grounds unsupervised? If a school is used as a polling place close it to the kids, otherwise keep the school open and vote elsewhere.

Most towns in our area that use schools as a polling place were closed. New London would be wise to follow suit and keep our kids safe.

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