Stop demoralizing NLPD and its union

In reference to the article, "Union: New London officer on leave accused of leaks to media," (Nov. 20).

I can't believe that people can't see right through the Finizio administration. This is obviously an attack on the union, to rid the city of unions.

The mayor made it clear that he is not going to give the police department anything, and, I am confident that he is not going to provide the four dogs as was voted on. It is obvious that the chief and mayor don't care about the department and its officers and will continue to deplete membership. It's not about saving money, but an attempt to control everything and everyone in their little world.

I am ashamed of the chief and would never have believed that she would attack her own members instead of standing up for them.

This was once a proud and very professional police department. Todd Lynch and David McElroy are fine police officers, as are all the department members. The public needs to get behind them and stop this administration from doing further damage.

It is difficult enough to do a police officer's job without having this type of internal beating from the administration.

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