Former Officer Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison

Former East Haven police officer David Cari this afternoon was sentenced to serve 30 months in prison, after being convicted of charges related to profiling Latinos

Fellow former officer Dennis Spaulding had his sentencing postponed to Thursday, because of the storm storm that hit the state late this afternoon.

The trial of Cari and Spaulding stretched from September and into October, as prosecutors charged the two police officers with conspiracy to violate civil rights, making an arrest without probable cause and filing a false arrest report. Spaulding was additionally convicted on an excessive force charge.

The charges stemmed from a multiyear investigation led by the U.S. Department of Justice into whether police engaged in a pattern of racial profiling. Cari and Spaulding were two of four officers arrested. The other two, charged with nearly identical crimes, pleaded guilty to lesser charges unrelated to racial profiling.


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