Preston should support energy complex

In my opinion, I was really surprised to find out the Preston incinerator was sending electricity, enough to power 15,000 homes to Connecticut Light and Power. When did this come about? If First Selectman Robert Congdon has such a close relationship with the Covanta people, why didn't he tell Preston residents about the CL&P deal?

Is that why all efforts made by Tim Bowles to have an energy complex on the former Norwich Hospital site have been blocked? A Bridgeport solar company is set up on a landfill site and is sending power to CL&P. Was that landfill cleaned-up first? Doubt it. And now a biomass company in Plainfield is doing likewise.

Preston had so many chances of selling that property. It could have been sold already and be producing electricity and sold to CL&P. I'd like to see my electricity bill lower, wouldn't you?

Imagine an energy complex for our town on a piece of those 300 acres, lowering energy costs for everyone. Isn't that looking our for the town's best interests?

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