Stripping guns from honest citizens

I support the 2nd Amendment. The recent Connecticut gun laws have legislated criminals. People who do not realize the new requirement to register their assault weapons or list magazines over 10 rounds can be arrested for a felony.

In Connecticut you must show a pistol permit to buy a handgun. There is a requirement that to buy ammunition or long gun you must show a pistol permit or firearms card, which means that you have been investigated. This is the first step to confiscation. The antigun establishment is trying to eliminate firearms from all private citizens, one step at a time over several years or decades.

Gun owners are not the crazed individuals that the media depicts. Large percentages are military veterans who have been trained on how to use firearms. Even higher percentages are hunters who are conservationists as they harvest wildlife that has no predators, such as the whitetail deer. They spend millions annually on equipment that is not firearms, such as hunting licenses, clothing, boots, and other equipment. A smaller percentage are target shooters, people who use firearms as a recreation. I would ask any anti-gun person to at least go to a gun range and make up their own mind.

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