Still troubled by L+M labor dispute

Regarding the labor agreement between Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and the AFT union representing 800 nurses and technicians, I have a comment or two to make. Why have I taken an interest in this outcome? As a retired union member at Electric Boat for 37 years, I have seen more then a few differences coddling the AFT and not the Metal Trades Council that make me ask certain questions of favoritism shown the AFT by the state that we at EB were told, "forget it."

News conference of Feb. 3 tells us, "Nurses, technicians ratify contract with L+M," details not to be disclosed, yet on Jan. 31 we were told "both sides agreed not to discuss details of the contract with the media until the news conference." So why the closed door? Are we being left in the dark to save face for the AFT union and the state? We must remember, Gov. Malloy rushed right down to New London for a Kodak moment.

Having done a little computer research I find that annual mean wage for registered nurses by states, May 2012, Connecticut nurses rate in the top 10 across the nation with annual wages between $71,090 to $94,120. Not a bad salary.

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