NL Supt. selection 'a huge decision'

The New London Board of Education began a monumental process by selecting a search committee to hire the next superintendent of schools for New London. The committee is made up of highly qualified individuals who will make a huge decision. The next superintendent will need to come in strong and know how to run an all-magnet-schools district. The new superintendent cannot be a novice. This person must have experience with urban education as well as experience with taking a district that has come a long way over the years.

Board President Margaret Curtin put together a strong hiring committee that must prepare tough questions for the candidates. The committee must listen closely and be sure that answers given are from the heart and truthful. The committee and search consultant must be sure to check the backgrounds of candidates to be sure that the chosen candidate can work with the New London community.

I feel to be superintendent in New London is a dream job for any superintendent. The community is made up of dedicated parents, hard-working staff members, strong community partners and amazing students. I am very confident in this current board that they will hire the right new top administrator.

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