Focus on job creation, not low-level pay

On March 5, President Obama and Gov. Malloy promoted raising the minimum wage. As a teacher of seniors in a technical high school, I am concerned that this takes the focus away from our students' primary concern. Can a high school senior, entering the workforce in Connecticut, find a job?

Some will go on to college, others join the military, but many will seek employment in Connecticut. These graduates will have an academic diploma as well as background/certification in a technical trade. Many participate in work-based learning programs that give them on-the-job experience. These achievements should qualify them for something beyond a minimum wage.

What is the end game with increasing the minimum wage? Will it increase jobs for our highly educated youth? Will it stop the youth and brain drain from Connecticut?

Many educated here are leaving our state for better opportunities. My own children are two whom have left. Is there an effort to focus on building entry level positions, helping our youth prepare for the next level of work and financial achievement?

I ask again, can a senior high school student, entering the workforce in Connecticut, find a job? A job with a future!

Shouldn't that be the focus?

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