NL religious holiday rule shows sensitivity

Every year my family joins Muslims around the globe in celebrating the two major Muslim holidays; Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. As part of the preparation for fun times with friends and community members, my parents call the schools to make sure they know we kids are going to miss school that day.

Teachers have been very understanding when it comes to late homework or makeup exams during those days. However, if there is a special event that collides with our holidays, we find ourselves torn between fun with family and community members, and fun with friends and classmates.

Starting next year, Muslim kids won't feel left out during those special days. The New London school administration published recently its 2014/2015 calendar that listed Jewish, Christian and Muslim Holidays and asked teachers "…to be mindful of these religious holidays and to refrain from scheduling tests or major activities on these dates…" That is music to the ears of not only Muslims but any family that celebrates Rosh Hashanah, three King's Day, or other important holidays.

As a Muslim student, I say to the New London Board of Education, thank you. Let's hope other schools around the state will do the same.

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